2004-2013, ten years of political turmoil, sponsored by France

Brigitte Girardin, former minister for french overseas

France never accepted that and independentist would be president of French Polynesia. They did all they could to overthrow Oscar Temaru each of the five times he got elected. Ten years of game-rigging, changing the rule of law, updating the "status of autonomy" so that pro-french allies would remain in power.

French nuclear testings in Moruroa and Fangataufa : 30 years of colonial lies

French nuclear testings in Moruroa and Fangataufa

The story of the french nuclear testings in our country started a few years before Algeria's independence. France needed a backup plan, and they found it more pratical to use our country and our People as guinea pigs, than to do the testings in France ...

1977, birth of the "Tavini huiraatira no te ao Mä'ohi'

Tavini huiraatira 1977

In 1977, reacting on many colonial issues such as the nuclear testings, the indigenous rights to the natural resources and the dupery introduced by the first so-called "Status of autonomy", Oscar Manutahi TEMARU and a few passionate followers created the FLP (Front de Libération de la Polynésie) who was to become the "Tavini huiraatira no te ao Mä'ohi".

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